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Car drawing from inside with grey tones_edited.png

m1.1 - project TrustMI

generating trust in shared autonomous vehicles

In Project TrustMI, me and three group members, made a UI on autonomous car behaviour aimed to increase the trust of the passenger in the autonomous car.

In this project I focussed on developing my own hard skills. I learned how to surface model (TR) while modelling multiple autonomous cars used in providing context to the project (CA & US). I also focussed on setting up user tests (US) and doing research on trust literature (US). This project showed me the importance of scoping your project with related works and building context for your designs. 

main expertise areas 

  • Creativity and Aesthetics 

  • Technology and Realization 

  • User and Society


  • Koen Barten

  • Iwan de Vries 

  • Tijmen Poell

2020-2021 Semester 1 

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