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m1.2 - Is that Fungus?

exploring interaction with bio-based mycelium design for cars

In my M1.2 project I researched the visual and tactile interaction experiences one has with mycelium force feedback dials. I researched user experience and usability of these dials.

In this research project I familiarized myself with the topics of Cradle to Cradle [4] and Circular Design [1] (US & BE). I identified mycelium as a biomaterial that fits within these sustainability theories and through the first three steps of the Material Driven Design Approach [2], I learned how to research their visual [3] and tactile aesthetics during interactions (CA & US).

In this project, I also looked at how an Anticipated User Experience [5] matches the actual User Experience (US). For this I learned how to design with a biomaterial (CA & TR) and how to create interactive prototypes for data collection (TR & MDC). I learned how to collect both quantitative and qualitative data on the experiences users had with the dials (MDC). 

main expertise areas 

  • Creativity and Aesthetics 

  • Technology and Realization 

  • User and Society

  • Math, Data and Computing 

2020-2021 Semester 2


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