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m2.1 - MySpeaker

exploring the combination of bio and tech in the circular economy

In my M2.1 project, following the first three steps of a Material Driven Design Approach [1], I explored combining non-organic and biological materials. Following this, I designed a mycelium speaker as a tool for speculation and exploring the role of biomaterials in the circular economy. 

In this project I learned how to reflect on and document the process of experimenting with a biomaterial (TR & MDC). Doing this I learned about understanding material properties of (bio)materials (TR) while growing together electronic components with mycelium. Combining these materials taught me how to manipulate my samples to create new aesthetics with lights (CA & TR). I also explored a first set of modular mycelium samples. Finally, I expressed my personal vision on the circular economy by theorizing about a bio-inclusive circular economy (US & BE). Using MySpeaker as a tool for discussion (US) I explored this vision with other designers and engineers. 

main expertise areas 

  • Creativity and Aesthetics 

  • Technology and Realization 

  • User and Society

2022-2023 Semester 2


  1. Elvin Karana, Bahareh Barati, Valentina Rognoli and Anouk Zeeuw van de Laan. 2015. Material Driven Design (MDD): A method to design for material experiences. International Journal of Design, 9(2), 35-54.

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